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Organizing Our Recipes

Thinking about young teenagers that are studying I decided to group the recipes into four different classes: Brunch Main Sweet Treats Late Snacks Each recipe will also be classified base on Time, Budget and Difficulty. You’ll always have the search buttons that allow you to make a search by ingredients. Maybe in the future if […]

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The presented time in our recipes include preparation and cooking time. Of course you should always confirm if you have all the ingredients before start  cooking!As you know, some recipes can take a lot of time but usually they are always worth it, specially because some of these dishes are the tastiest ones. Being some […]

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Talking about difficulty in the kitchen can be quite blurry, because the more you cook the easier it gets. Basic of the basics, even the recipes presented for noobs consider that you have been in the kitchen and you aren’t afraid of knives. By the way you have to start from somewhere if you want […]

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The defined budget for our recipes represent the cost to make the same number of portions as in the recipe. Most of the recipes are for at least 2 portions. It is important to mention, if you are going to the kitchen, and note cooking for your friends, it is a good idea to make […]

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