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About Us

This is a recipe website designed for teenagers living by themselves for the first time…usually this happens when they move away to university.

It is always an excitement for teenagers when moving out of their parents house until they start to miss some small things like already food in the table, laundry done and ready to go in the shelves…things that usually the Mum’s do. Well, for us parents, specially mothers, we feel that a part of our heart is moving away with them. Yes, I know it is life but this distance isn’t fun…sharing these recipes are a way to overcome distances.

I also decided to give some Kitchen Tips, little tricks that will help them get organized in the kitchen so that they don’t have to spend so much time cooking. The idea is to find ways to make their life easier when going into the kitchen.

I have tried to combine family recipes from different Mum’s. The chosen recipes are for teenagers that like to cook and miss home made meals. It is made from my heart to my darling son and I hope I will ear less times :“Mum I miss your food!”. All this recipes share the same secret ingredient and that is called:



Join Us

All mothers and fathers are very welcome to join Mum’s Pots and share their recipes.

If you have children studying abroad, for sure they have asked you for the same recipe several times…they miss your food…they struggle to have nice home meals…this site was build trying to fill some of this gaps. Do join this project, at least this will be a way of just writing each recipe once.

Although I started this project considering the main exchange between Portugal and United Kingdom, I do believe this project can go beyond. There are no limits for the world wide web.