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Weekly Meal Plans

It may seem boring but thinking and preparing your meals for the week will help you save a lot of time and money. I know it takes time to prepare things ahead , but believe me your life will me much easier when you don’t have to worry what to cook for an entire week.

Take an afternoon and plan what you are going to eat the next week. This can be the afternoon whilst you wash your laundry you can prepare your weekly meals. Doing things like a big pot of soup, or a stew, casseroles, a pasta sauce, a good piece of oven-roasted meat are different solutions that you can freeze in portions.

Every time I do these kind of dishes I assure that I’m making at least between three to four portions, put them in boxes, write what it is and the date that I cooked it, so when I go to my freezer I know what it is in there and when it was  made. This cooked meals can be frozen up to a month.

As I heard somewhere this phrase and I just love it because it makes life so much easier: “Cook Once, Eat Twice or Thrice!”



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