Mum's sharing recipes with their loved ones... There's no food like Mum's!


The defined budget for our recipes represent the cost to make the same number of portions as in the recipe. Most of the recipes are for at least 2 portions. It is important to mention, if you are going to the kitchen, and note cooking for your friends, it is a good idea to make for more than one meal. The extra portions can be your your next meal, but if you’re the kind that don’t like to repeat, most of the presented recipes can be frozen and they will save you time in the next week. This is a great way to save time and money.

You can find three categories:

  • Cheap Deals (under £5)
  • Stretch Your Budget (between £5 and £10)
  • Special Occasions (over £10)


PS – Don’t forget to write on the box the content and date that it was cooked. Sense of organisation is a fundamental key!


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